Our Partnership With Special Needs Workers

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KE Design | Special Needs Workers | Blog | Microfibre | Giftware | HomewareOne of the many aspects that makes Melbourne family-run business KE Design stand out from the crowd is our commitment to working with local communities including artists and special needs workers to produce an impressive selection of giftware and homeware.This is shown through our eleven year partnership with Brunswick Industries where we provide gainful employment, skills and opportunities for special needs people within our local community.Founded in 1968, the Brunswick Sheltered Workshop (later named Brunswick Industries) was created as a joint venture between the Mount Royal Hospital and the Brunswick Lions and Rotary Clubs with the aim of assisting local people with disabilities by providing them with invaluable opportunities and employment suited to their needs and abilities.KE Design is currently the largest customer of Brunswick Industries, employing a minimum of ten rotating special needs workers in the Melbourne warehouse all of whom work with the regular full timers to create high quality giftware and homeware. By having the opportunity to work closely with the regular full timers at KE Design, our special needs workers have not only formed lasting bonds and relationships within the business, but have also developed skills and experience that they can carry throughout their lives.KE Design | Special Needs Workers | Blog | Microfibre | Giftware | HomewareKE Design’s partnership with Brunswick Industries for over a decade has ensured that our team of special needs workers have become an integral part of the business’s community, culture and structure.This passion and support for local communities is just one of the unique aspects of KE Design, that is paired with our dedication to manufacturing Australian Made, high quality microfibre tea towels, cushions, greeting and postcards with matching microfibre cloths.Click on “What We Make” above and you can start shopping for that perfect gift for your loved ones, or something special to brighten up your home. The options are endless!