Towels, tea towels, beach towels, giftware and optical accessories manufactured in Melbourne are our speciality.

KE Design are a family run, community-minded, optical giftware business who have become known for fashioning beautifully designed towels from high-quality microfibre cloth.

The most popular products in our range include tea towels, no sand beach towels, cushions, greeting cards and postcards with matching microfibre cloths.

Most of the stunning designs printed on our tea towels are the work of local Australian artists.

These microfibre tea towels not only look good, they are perfect for drying and cleaning crockery, glassware and cutlery because they effectively remove smears, watermarks and fingerprints.

It may surprise you to learn that our tea towels can absorb six times their weight in moisture and reduce harmful surface bacteria by up to 92%.

When you purchase a gift for that special someone from KE Design’s range, you are also helping to create good jobs for special people because we embrace diversity in the workplace.

Social Enterprise

KE Design are proud to employ 14 special needs workers in our factory.

What began as a one-person start up in 1993, has grown steadily over the years to encompass a small but dedicated team. This includes designers, printers, administration and warehouse staff who work out of our combined office and factory space in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick.

For the past eleven years, we have been employing special needs workers from the local service provider Brunswick Industries. We’re currently their largest client and our special needs workers are integral members of the KE Design family and work closely along side our full time staff.

Just like our microfibre cloths — we are hard working and close knit.