KE Design is a proud business making a difference, when you shop with us you are helping sustain jobs for people living with disabilities in Melbourne as well as supporting the local community.

Brunswick Industries Association (Previously known as the Brunswick Sheltered Workshop) commenced operations in 1968 as part of a joint venture between the Mount Royal Hospital and the Brunswick Lions and Rotary Clubs. Their mission, for 50 years to this day, is assisting local people with disabilities and providing them with gainful employment in an environment conducive to their needs. They also provide higher than average wages and hours than in the supported sector.

KE Design has had a very close association with the workshop for the past 16 years. We’re currently their largest customer. One of a small number of companies in Victoria, KE Design is permitted to have supported workers work alongside our open employment staff in our Brunswick warehouse.

With a rotating team of supported workers on our premises at one time, our open employment staff and supported staff have created great bonds.

Some supported staff who have worked with us have gone on to obtain open employment. Diana who is pictured on our homepage worked with us through Brunswick Industries for a number of years and is now employed directly with us in open employment. She now proudly supervises our supported workers with tasks such as printing and heat pressing.

 A Proud Business Making a Difference!