Hello and welcome to the brand KE Textiles – Custom Fabric Printing !

Hello and welcome to the brand KE Textiles – Custom Fabric Printing !

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We love digital fabric printing

We’re super-pleased to have you on board among our readers.  Whether you’re looking to get the ball rolling now, or you’re simply curious about digital printing, rest assured, you’ve arrived at the perfect place.  We love digital fabric printing as much as you! We’d love to have you check in on us here, where we’ll be sharing our news and discussing the exciting and fast-moving world of digital printing and beyond, from trending designs, standout artists, industry updates and everything in between.As a small, Brunswick-based and family owned business, we’re constantly aiming to improve the experience for our valued customers. Our small team of employees are dedicated to making your creative ideas happen, exactly the way you envision them.

Custom fabric printing

We’ve been in the custom fabric printing business for almost 25 years.  When founder Michael Krutsch realised how much fun there was to be had with digital printing in 1993, the seeds of KE Textiles were firmly planted. With a steady increase in market for the limitless potential digital printing offers, the business has continued to develop and grow according to demand. We’re here to make sure your great ideas come to life.KE Textiles works with a huge scope of creatives, from independent artists, dressmakers and designers to upholsterers and more. We supply high-quality digitally printed fabric in titchy-small quantities and beyond, right up into large-scale projects. So, whether you have a single meter of fabric to print, or you need to liaise with us about a project of brow-raising proportions, we’re able to help.We’re looking forward to yet another year of growth and creative expression. With our brand new website and the promising outlook of 2018 on the horizon, we’re sure there are the great things to come. Stay tuned, and thanks so much for dropping by! 

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