The Brunswick Sheltered Workshop commenced operation in 1968 as part of a joint venture between the Mount Royal Hospital and the Brunswick Lions and Rotary Clubs.

Their mission, from then to this day, is to assist local people with disabilities by providing them with gainful employment according to their abilities in an environment conducive to their needs.

KE Design has had a very close association with the workshop for the past eleven years. We’re currently their largest customer. One of a small number of companies in Victoria, KE Design is permitted to have special needs workers work along side its regular workforce on its premises.

With a minimum rotating team of ten special needs workers on our premises at one time, many of our staff have formed strong bonds with their great special workmates.

Most special needs workers prefer working in normal surroundings and KE Design obtains a reliable dedicated workforce. What’s more, some special needs workers who have worked with us have gone on to obtain employment in the regular workforce, which is fantastic.

With our Government assessing each special worker’s capabilities and pay level, the partnership works extremely well and we couldn’t be happier.

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