Australia’s Fastest Drying Tea Towel


Australia’s fastest drying tea towel is made from microfibre — a lightweight, synthetic material that consists of an interlocking blend of two fibres (polyester and polyamide). When woven together, these fibres create a net-like surface area covered with millions of spaces to trap moisture, diet, and debris. The benefits of using microfibre are enormous. It is fast drying, has an enhanced cleaning power, high durability, is non-abrasive, reduces water and chemical usage, and helps reduce cross contamination.

Not only are we proud of producing Australia’s fastest drying tea towel, but we’re also proud Australian manufacturers of microfibre cushions, and greeting cards and postcards that come with matching microfibre cloths.

We support local artists, commissioning them to provide our beautiful artwork. We also employ special needs workers from the local service provider Brunswick Industries.




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